We are also making copies
to keys to:

  • Luggage racks
  • Trailers
  • Aircrafts
  • Motorcycles


Name of the service
Replacements Price
Installation of the lock "Titan Dipol"
500 PLN(net)
Lubrication of locks during the winter season at the service of more than 50 pln

free of charge

Opening roof box and making the copy of the lost key
100 PLN (net)
Opening roof bars and making the copy of key
100 PLN (net)
Emergency car running
200 PLN (net)
Emergency vehicle opening with coming to the customer in Warsaw and surroundings
50-300 PLN (net)
Repair of ignition (in the workshop)
100-400 PLN (net)
Repair of ignition (with coming to the client)
200-500 PLN (net)
Repair of lock (in the workshop)
50-350 PLN (net)
Making the copy of the key with immobilizer
150-700 PLN (net)
Making the copy of the key type Yale
5-80 PLN (net)
Making the copy of the car key
12-100 PLN (net)
Making the copy of key to the lock/ignition
50-200 PLN (net)
Repairing a remote control for car
50-200 PLN (net)
Making  the key with the raw from the client
20-40 PLN (net)
Changing the code to the mechanical set of locks in the car
200-400 PLN (net)
Alarm services
100-300 PLN (net)
Expert advice on the use and maintenance the locks
free of charge
Services performed between the hours 21 - 6

to agree

Batteries for remotes
10-20 PLN (net)
ID for keys
0,50-1,50 PLN (net)
Encoding the  immobilizer
100-300 PLN (net)
If you have worn the key to Fiat: Panda, Multipla, Stilo, DUKATO, we will make the new one
150 PLN (net)
Making the copy of the key to BMW, year 98-2004
300-700 PLN (net)
Make copies of the key to ROVER, year 98-2004
200-500 PLN (net)

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